Calculating your inherited RMD

Gather this information before you get started:

  1. 1
    Which type of account you inheritedyou can check a previous account statement for the person who passed away if you're unsure of the account type
  2. 2
    How you were named or listed on the accountthere can be some differences in calculation depending on whether you are an individual beneficiaryor represent a trust or estate, as well as if you were a sole beneficiary or one of multiple beneficiaries
  3. 3
    The original account owner’s date of birth and date of deaththese details determine how the inherited RMD is calculated
  4. 4
    The year-end balance for the accountyou'll need to get this information from your financial institution

After you complete your calculation, you can save your results for your records. Vanguard does not save your information.

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